English entries in early June

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming up.

Next Monday is the Dragon Boat Festival, so we’ll have a three-day vacation starting tomorrow.

The traditional food eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival is zongzi, normally made of sticky rice.

I learned how to make zongzi from my great-grandma when I was a kid, so I can make them myself.

Every time I make zongzi I remember my great-grandma and the generous love she had for me.

For most Chinese people, the purpose of the Dragon Boat Festival is to remember the famous ancient person Qu Yuan. For me, it’s also a time to remember my great-grandma. 继续阅读“English entries in early June”


注意力残留的定义,by University of Washington business professor Dr. Sophie Leroy in 2009:


The persistence of cognitive activity about a Task A even though one stopped working on Task A and currently performs a Task B. 继续阅读“管理注意力残留”

English Entries in late May

One-Day Trip

I’m going on a one-day trip to Suzhou City tomorrow.

My train departs at around 9:30 and the train station is not far from my apartment, so I’ll sleep in tomorrow morning and head out at roughly 8:20. Then I can have around 40 minutes to check in at the station — That will be enough time even if the station is busy.

The distance from Shanghai to Suzhou is approx 85 km, so I will reach Suzhou Station in 25 minutes.

My return ticket is set for 19:50, but I would probably need 45 minutes to get to the train station, which means I need to finish everything before 18:30.

Have a nice weekend! 继续阅读“English Entries in late May”

Daily Views in May 2024

May 31

  1. 2024年Q1,奢侈品网络广告投入指数环比+23.0%,达9.9亿;美妆香水类奢侈品占行业72.5%的投放份额;全屏广告以49.5%的投入指数占比位居第一; 社区网站、视频网站广告投放创意组数大幅领先于其他媒体;小红书KFS内容营销组合策略。
  2. 从2020年到2023年,HOKA连续四年全年销售额增长超过50%;2023年财报On昂跑业绩一路狂飙,亚太地区增长高达75.9%,而在亚玛芬体育发布的2024财年第一季度财报中,Salomon领涨亚太和大中华区的营收同比增长6%至4亿美元。
  3. 2023年11月,云南咖啡生豆产量约5万吨,同比增长1.79%,市场综合平均价27.4元/公斤,同比上涨12.8%。同年12月,云南咖啡的产量约4.5万吨,同比增长9.4%,生豆市场综合平均价30.1元/公斤,同比上涨27%。
  4. 云南精品咖啡率从2021年的8%提升到2023年的22.7%、咖啡精深加工率从20%提升到56%
  5. 2023年淘宝、天猫、抖音平台假睫毛市场规模达到28.4亿元,同比增长111.5%,假睫毛品类的讨论声量也持续增长,2023年声量高达139.4万条,同比增长88.1%?

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