English Entries in early May

Beyond bubble tea

One of my friends once asked me about bubble tea in Shanghai. She had never visited China before and wanted to know how popular bubble tea was here.

After explaining the domestic bubble tea market, I told her that there was a more prevalent practice of enjoying tea here: brewing tea themselves.

Many adults in China have more than one tea set. Maybe it’s a full set with different functional parts or just a simple cup.

Why isn’t this way of enjoying tea as popular as bubble tea outside China? I think it’s because the taste of it depends on too many things.

To brew a good cup of tea, you need to have quality tea leaves, use water at the optimal temperature, and pour it at the precise moment. The timing of drinking is also crucial.

It’s hard to make it into a standard product that can be sold. 继续阅读“English Entries in early May”

English Entries in late April

A Chinese animated film

I want to recommend an animated film released last year. Its official English title is Nobody, but the direct translation of its Chinese name is Summer of a Little Monster.

The story is quite simple, developed from a famous Chinese novel called “Journey to the West”. It’s about a low-level monster finding out the dirty secret of high-level, trying to identify right from wrong, trying to save but being saved by the Monk Tang’s group.

I love it so much! Probably because “Journey to the West” has been one of my favorite novels since I was a kid, and the art style is just like the cartoon books I had read before.

It was released with English subtitles, so maybe most of you guys can follow the story.

You can watch it here for free: https://www.bilibili.com/bangumi/play/ep706666

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Daily Views in Apr. 2024

April 26

  1. 今年一季度,抖音美妆再创新高,整体GMV超486亿,同比增速超42%。但品牌的普遍感受是:高投入无法获得超出预期的回报,而缩小投入会把品牌置于更危险的境地。就像是跳进了一个流量的漩涡,没有办法主动喊停。
  2. 线上品牌走入线下的两大课题依然是:控价和窜货、一定level的服务,及“先解决3米的问题——消费者愿不愿意靠近;再解决1米的问题——能不能逛到这个柜台;最后解决0米的问题——愿不愿意试用。”
  3. 2022年小红书上与始祖鸟有关的笔记,同比增长超1200%,搜索量翻了7倍多
  4. 抖音#骆驼冲锋衣 话题播放量达27.4亿次;小红书上,有关迪卡侬的笔记数量达到了10万+
  5. 《小红书2024宠物行业洞察报告》:

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English Entries in April

Action Camera

I bought an action camera online this morning.

I need one because every time I show my hiking videos to my friends, I cannot properly express the feeling of walking in the mountains.

The videos I’ve taken in the past were almost taken from one standpoint. The only change I could make was moving the camera with my hands, not my feet. Because once I started walking, the video would become jittery. Thus, the videos missed many beautiful views and it looked as if I just enjoyed the scenery and flowers cozily, like in a garden.

I’m a little excited and looking forward to receiving my package and trying the camera on my next hike.

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